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Dentire is the sole importer and distributer of Maxxis, the ninth biggest manufacturer of tires, for Israel and the Palestinian authority.

Dentire sales make up 9% of the market in Israel and the Palestinian authority promising to continue the growth and improve customer relations in the region. Dentire had sold over 220,000 tires most of which are Maxxis.

Dentire’s brand leading tires evolved from the many years of family experience in selling and distributing quality and safety tires. Dentire’s reputation origins way back from 1960 and is set as goal: not only selling the best and safest tires but improve and provide the best customer service to its customers.

Dentire has been in the business since 1960 as a family business managed at the time by Mr. Emanuel Goldstein, who was the Marketing & Distribution Manager of Alliance tires.

Since 2002, the company is managed by  Mr. Dror Meshulam.

Dentire has 2 major logistic centers providing tires to over 400 wholesalers in Israel and the Palestinian authority.

Dentire’s staff consists of Jews, Arabs and Christians, by that providing a reliable and dedicated service in various languages 7 days a week.

At Dentire we specialize in tires for 4*4,’commercial, ATV’s, OTR’s and family cars.

Maxxis and Dentire CEO, Mr. Meshulam has set themselves a goal to become the leading tire seller and customer service provider. Dentire management main concern is to provide you with the best and safest tire at the most affordable price.

Your safety and satisfaction using our leading Tires is always a main concern which we will enhance in the coming years making sure our tires keep you on the road and to your destination.

We thank you for using Maxxis tires and hope to see you soon at one of our sales locations.

For further assistance and directions don’t hesitate to contact us.

We hope to see you soon, Dentire staff and management.

VISION – 2014 Message from Maxxis President Dr Wally Chen